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    I'm playing around with one of hose new synthetic stocks that come standard on the the .308 caliber Thunder Ranch and Scout models theses days. Synthetic used to mean kevlar/fiberglass but it's become a generic catch all for other then wood and it includes Nylon 6-6 and injection molded polymers. I haven't shot it yet for accuracy that'll have to wait for a bit.

    I'm not real crazy about the boring black color. The green looks way better to my eye but the black stock pooped up first so black it is. It's well made for what it is and whoever made it knows exactly what they're doing.

    As reported by other fellas the fore end does flex. Enough that it can touch the medium bull barrel of the Patrol and the Predator too If I reef on it hard enough. I'm not crazy about that but I can't sling up tight enough to make it do that so I can live with it. If I change my mind it's easy enough to stiffen with an aluminum or carbon fiber stave stave or various stuffers and resins.

    It follows closely the pattern of the MVP Predator/Patrol/Thunder ranch laminated stocks so it feels immediately familiar but a tad different because has a few tweaks to the shapes. Those offer minor improvement in usability in some aspects imho.

    The fore end bottom is still flat like the laminated stock for stability when shooting off posts, bags and stumps but it tapers upward a little more. Scooch forward on your rest a smidge and it elevates the muzzle a tick, scooch back a smidge and it lowers it. It's a little more slender in width and tapers towards the tip more on the sides. I'll post pics when I can.

    The pistol grip is slimmer. It's curved a little less and has more drop at the thumb. It's a nice cross between modern and classic grips styles. The taper and shape of it places the hand to make the pad of the index finger fall right on the trigger when gripped by hands from small to large.

    The recoil pad is thick, nice and cushy. Good thing because the stock is feathery light.
    It reduced the weight of my Predator and Patrol by a whole pound according to the digital bathroom scale. 2.6 for the laminated stock VS 1.6 for the polymer stock. I'll use the certified trade scale next chance I get for more certain numbers and then add the data to the MVP weights thread.
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