State Championship Practice Day

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    The state highpower metallic silhouette match is coming up. I haven't had nearly enough time to practice so I grabbed my coach and my spotter and we took off for the range. There was an official practice match the day before but I didn't want to deal with anyone else being on the range so we skipped that and went the next day.

    Got my new ram loads (Ram loads have to knock down heavy steel ram silhouettes at 500m, takes a lot of snot. More anyway than my chicken/pig/turkey loads.) checked last time I went out, as far as their ability to knock over the rams. This week I dialed my load a little tighter, established a zero and got my DOPE for 500m figured out as well as grouping the load. It's only turning in 1MOA right now which isn't where I need it long term but it'll do for the time being.

    My chicken loads turned in 1/2" groups at 200m from a bag rest. I was pulling closer to 4MOA offhand that day which netted me an average of 35% hits from 200m to 385m. My coach was pulling 70% with his new 6.5x55 load (which also turned in ultra low SD's).

    I'm shooting Project Homunculus which we also call "Bowling Ball" for obvious reasons.


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