Saiga Conversion

Discussion in 'Shotgun' started by sharky47, Feb 16, 2013.

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    Did this one about a year ago, standard conversion - Tapco G2 and the other usual compliance parts.

    Love shooting this one - makes a great sound. Has run 100% reliable from day one (never shot it in factory configuration) on Federal bird shot cheap stuff. Tried out some new mags today, not normally a fan of Promag, but saw them for sale one day and decided to try. Needed a tiny bit of fitting, less than 5 minutes, and they seem to work fine. Construction is identical to the factory.

    Little harsh to shoot, but it's just too much fun. Actually shot a few skeet with it today just for fun. Somebody had a thrower and I couldn't not try it - got 2 out of three, not practical at all but I laughed my ass off.....

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