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Discussion in 'Handgun' started by jason.hayes3, Oct 15, 2017.

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    Back several years ago when I finally was old enough to purchase my first handgun, I bought a P94. I always liked the way the gun shot. I needed some money to fund a move and career change in my life so I sold the gun. I managed to reconnect with the guy I sold the gun to, and asked him if he still had the gun. He had sold the gun a few months after I sold it to him, so the gun was gone forever. A few months ago I was on GunBroker and found a few on there for sale, but nothing earth moving. Was on there the other day and found one for sale for $180. Decided to buy it, and managed to get It for $200 total.


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    sweet deal. good solid pistol.
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    I just noticed this thread. This fall I was looking for a "deal" on a reliable USA made hand gun and read about the Ruger "P" series being one of the most reliable and one of the most undervalued hand guns made in the USA. I too found a P94 in 40s&w, with 2 mags, in the box, on GB, and bought it. At $250, the price was very fair, IMO. I have not yet been to the range with mine as other projects are still on going. :rolleyes: Earlier in the summer I was able to purchase a Ruger Police Service Six revolver 4" Stainless Square Butt in 38 special for $250, on GB. It had a DOC number lightly etched into the side of the frame and was dirty. I cleaned it up, sanded off the DOC markings, put a new grip on it, serviced it, and it is a fine shooter. There are some very reliable weapons on the market for $250 plus a little work and tune-up costs. BTW, Underwood Ammo sells a 38 special load, lead 158 gr SWC HP gas check at 1000fps. In a nickel plated case. I like it as an everyday carry load. Just adding my 2 cents to the thread. Good shooting. Jim

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