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Discussion in 'New Member Check In' started by Naperdave, Mar 18, 2017.

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    Hi all, first post from Chicago suburbs DuPage County!
    Union local 134 Fire & Security life good again!

    Ordered my first (real?) rifle the last week in February.
    Very excited as I've been looking for a rifle and had fell for the MVP 27700 beaut since middle of 2015, but then outta work and money.

    Finally saved up, and made a decision.
    Picked up the Nikon P223 4-14x40, hope I can get proper rings as I couldn't find any info on this forum.

    Picked up the MVP5.56/.223 the first week in March: Bad 3" x 1/4" splinter sticking out about a 1/4" out at the fore-end!
    Whatta disappointment in QC (assuming it was overlooked at QC).
    Gave it back for a new one.

    2nd try: Barrel touches the fore-end. And I mean really touches the fore-end.
    Drove back and we'll try again.

    Picking up today for third attempt, all looks good according to FFL, but how good is QC when I actually "use" it?
    How good is Customer Service when I actually have a mechanical issue?
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    CS seems pretty responsive. You have to work with them for best results. MVP is a value/bargain line rifle in a lot of respects but the QC has been less awesome than I'm ok with. Mine was pretty good to go out of the gate but has since been built into something totally other.

    For rings with a 40mm objective you can use low rings if you ditch the stock 2-piece scope bases and put on an EGW 20moa 1-piece base for sure. Not sure about with the factory bases but those things are pretty soft so I recommend ditching them first thing. For rings I'd recommend Burris Signature series. The polymer inserts they use help to protect scopes from damage due to alignment/lapping/etc... issues and they're steel in 1" and 30mm.

    If this is your first rifle then it's likely your first scope. If you're not well educated on BDC reticles, I'd recommend doing some study. They're great up to about 400m but after that you really need to do your homework first.
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    welcome to the forum dave
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