New Mossberg varmint owner question

Discussion in '223 / 5.56 MVP and Variants' started by 84 z28, Sep 17, 2016.

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    Special ordered a varmint rifle from field and stream and finally picked it up, I noticed that it didn't come with a Mossberg mag but instead came with a Pmag. Wondering if anyone knows if this is now common practice with Mossberg now ? Also didn't get the correct instruction manual but instead had one for their pump shotgun
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    Guess they figured out their Mberg mags (which look like C-Products mags in reality) have not been the best feeding mags available. The manual, well that's just super funny but entirely emblematic of Mossy's QC. Call up Mossy and ask. They're 50:50 liable to give you some bullpucky cockamamie line but they might tell you the truth and they're certain to promptly send you the right manual.

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    Both of mine came with the metal mags. I believe they are/were made by D&H. I have seen that some people have been getting the Magpuls but I'm not sure if it is model specific or if all of them are coming with Magpul now or not.
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    My .308 patrol came with a Pmag. They probably figured out it was cheaper to buy 308 pmags than metal ones.

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