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Discussion in 'Mossberg MVP Rifle General Discussion' started by Slackdaddy, Feb 26, 2016.

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    New Member here, Just picked up a used MVP Varmint, Paid to much - $550.00 for clean used gun with 4-16 bushnell scope. I had been looking for new or used (Local)for 2 weeks and found this in a shop an hour North of me, So I grabbed it. The NEXT day I dropped in a store and hour South of me and they had a MVP 5.56 Varminter with THREADED barrel NIB for $615.00,, oh well.
    Mounting a MOE rail where the front swivel is and picked up a UTG rail mount Bipod.

    I post picks when set up.

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    I think you did o.k. You got it with a scope and for 65 bucks less than one without scope.

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