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    hey guys, I'm working on a product and I need some help. I can't afford to run out and buy and gen3 or gen4 NV kit but I'm hoping one of you has some. What I need is for that person to take their NV out on a nice dark night (overcast and no moon would be perfect) and to shine a 5mW red laser pointer into hole in the ground (so that the laser is pointed 90deg away from the NV's line of sight), then back out 500m and tell me what you see. Then do the same thing with a TV remote control (they tend to use IR LEDs). For the remote control test you'll probably need an assistant.

    I'm trying to see if a particular device will give away the position of an observer from half a kilometer. If it does, then I'd like to try the same test at 1km.

    If you're able and willing to help I'd happily hook you up with a freebie B-ADL (BallisticXLR Adhesive DOPE Label) stock sticker with your ballistics data customized. See my site for details ( near the bottom)

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