National pistol permit recognition!

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    Legislation for Universal Recognition of State Concealed Weapon Permits and an Interim Federal Concealed Weapon Permit

    Please go the link, sign it, and pass it along to your concealed carry and shooting buddies.

    The immediate hurdle is to get the first 150 signatures. The petition cannot be found on search engines or by searching through the petitions until we reach that number.

    If we get enough signatures then Obama will have to issue a public response.

    Thanks for helping the effort!
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    I'm conflcited on this. I would love for my LTC to work like my Driver's license and have some kind of continuity with laws from state to state but I'm also not a fan of expanding Federal oversight/power into such things either.
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    I'm kind of with you downs. As far as I'm concerned LTC should have automatic reciprocity since it's attached to a right. Driver's licenses are not and you can drive anywhere in the U.S. with whatever one you have.
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    Three times the GAO pulled a few million dollars from the budget of the A T F as punishment for them spending a few million computerizing all the warehoused records and bound books of former dealers which is in violation of the law. NICS is keeping background checks on file for 99 years for "accounting purposes". No harm now in national reciprocity or federal recognition of States permits. If they are talking about a National permit then no thanks. Bringing the whole country's permits laws in line with CA. N.Y. D.C. Chicago is a deal breaker.
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