MVP Varmint 5.56 24"bbl update

Discussion in 'Mossberg MVP Rifle General Discussion' started by skeeter, Mar 20, 2017.

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    Well, I finally got the Warne low rings and the EGW 20MOA rail mount and the SWFA SS 12x42 MIL-Quad scope. The scope came 2 hours ago UPS 2nd day air. I mounted everything following the directions and it only took a couple of minutes to bore sight the rifle. The scope is a big step up for me in terms of cost. It is also the first 30mm tube scope that I have owned. It is heavy with most of the weight at the rear because of the rear focus. I plan on going to the 25yd indoor range tomorrow morning when they open at 10:00am to sight it in. I will post the results. I know you all are having a good laugh at me shooting indoors at only 25yds. Hey this is Southern California with a population of almost 22.7 million people and about that many cars. I plan to go to the 300yd outdoor range in the desert for my birthday in April. If not I will drive the 196 miles round trip to the 600yd Angeles shooting range in Lake View Terrace (this is no lake there).
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    I aint laughing. 25 yards is how I know I'm on paper and calculate roughly where they will go at 100 25 yard targets save me time and ammo before I hoof it out farther.
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    Dialing on paper at 25yrds is nothing to scoff at. I do it that way for any rifle I'm going to set up with a 100yrd zero. As soon as I'm hitting below my point of aim by the same distance as my scope centerline is above my barrel centerline at 25yrds I know I'll be within a couple inches at 100yrds. Makes dialing in a lot easier when you can't be running downrange to check your targets at will or when recoil is a factor you don't have a spotter.

    I know a few spots in your half of our hellish state that you might find useful for long range fun. PM me for details. I'm up in the really insane half of the state.

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