MVP Varmint 5.56 24" bbl. 25yd results

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    I just returned from the 25yd indoor range. I am very pleased with the results of my little rifle and big SWFA SS 12x42 MIL-Quad scope. I used the following ammo: 1) New PMC cat# 223A 55gr FMJBT and 2) New Federal XM193 5.56 NATO 55gr FMJBT. After sending 4 PMC bullets down range the rifle was sighted in at 25yds. The next 3 shots measured .215 inches center to center at the widest distance according to my RCBS micrometer. The total spread of these 3 bullets was .420. These 3 shots were fired with PMC ammo. The next 2 shots, one with PMC and one with Federal were in the same hole and the diameter measured .288. This compares to a single bullet hole with a diameter which measures .220. I understand if no ones believes these data. The system says my photos are to large. I cropped them to make them smaller. I am not good with photos. I hope you can see the results. The bullet hole to the left of the 3 holes is my 4th and final sighting shot. My total investment is about $950 for a little rifle, big scope, rings and 20MOA rail that shots inexpensive ammo accurately enough out to 300 to 600 yards. MVP VARMINT 007_crop.jpg MVP VARMINT 007_crop.jpg MVP VARMINT 008_crop.jpg I am ecstatic about this experiment/project. I will be selling my Winchester Model 70 Extreme Weather SS.
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    25yds is a bit close to be making decisions on which gun to sell/keep. I understand not having options or opportunities to shoot further, but a .223 can accurately shoot over 1000yds. And have 500yds has more energy that a .45acp at 7yds. So to only judge a gun by, what in effect is, only 0.025% of it's possible range, on avg, is a daunting idea.

    Also keep in mind, at 25 yards your bullet is still on it's upward path. Though, 25 yards and 100yards ate usually relatively close Zero's for a .223, depending on what you're using it for.

    In addition, a 12x scope at 25 yards... that got to be a small field of view! Lol!

    All of which adds up to one question; have you shot this rifle at 300-600 yards? If so, wa it with cheap ammo?

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