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Discussion in 'Mossberg MVP Rifle General Discussion' started by Matthew Ross, Jul 15, 2017.

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    I was very disapointed out of the Box, When I tried to Bore sight with one of my leupold scopes iwas at Max elevation and Max windage, and still no where near aiming point. thopught well maybe scope was bad , tried two more a Burris, and my Leupold Mark 2, still same thing,
    shimmed the base .0025 and picked up Weaver Grandslam ring with windage. got it closer still Elevation issues,
    Picked up one piece base with 20 MOA adjustment preloaded, new Barska scope , now it lines up on paper soon off to range . Will post picks after that
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    Hi MatherwRoss, welcome to the boards.

    I'm curios to know what model of MVP and what caliber ? Didi it come with one piece or two piece bases ? Any numbers stamped on the bases ?
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    Hi Matthew and welcome to the community. I had issues with my MVP 223 out of the box but I think the basic concept and design are good. Mossberg falls short on execution of mass production standards, IMO. Be patient, document the pros and cons of YOUR rifle for your own sanity, and work through the cons. It took me a while but I ended up with a very satisfactory working rifle. I have a post on Modifications/My MVP 223 Mods. Don't change things just to change them. That's why I mentioned the documentation. If you change something, write it down in your rifle book, test it and write the results. A year or two from now, you will be amazed and what you accomplished and what you forgot. This forum is a good place with knowledgeable people. Good shooting. Jim
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    Hey Matt, did you try a different set of Rings? Also, have you thought about Lapping the rings that are currently on the gun!

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