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    Hey MVP cats,

    Thought I'd share my support experience with Mossy.

    My new MVP (Patrol, .308) arrived with the iron sights canted to the side and the flash hider clocked incorrectly. My bad for not catching it when I picked the rifle up.

    Upon discovering the defect, I drew a heavy sigh and prepared to go to battle to get it fixed. I spun up a twitter account, took detailed pics, the whole nine yards in preparation for the battle to get this fixed on their dime, including shipping.

    None of that was needed. I sent the pics and an email in to Mossberg customer service, and within a day, a very nice lady by the name of Erika took the ticket, and generated a fedex call tag for me to ship the rifle back to them at their cost.

    After about three weeks of waiting, A knock came on my door yesterday, and my MVP was back home. New barrel, sights looking great, flash hider right where it should be, AND an new Pmag and strap thrown in to boot.

    The single hardest part of the whole process was spending 25 minutes convincing my helpful Fedex hub that they can, in fact, accept a rifle from an individual for shipping to an authorized repair center.

    With so many horror stories out there with CS experiences with any manufacturer, I thought I'd share a great one for a change.

    Mossy should have never shipped a rifle with such a patent defect, but good on them for how easy they made it to correct the mistake.
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    Great to hear a positive experience. All the bad ones we hear makes it appear that a company has horrible CS, which is usually the exception; though *some* companies can be pretty horrid.

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    Good to hear it all worked out .
    Nice to know some people still know what CS is. In general , I have found most Firearms MFG to be very keen on making things right .....
    However: Not all "employees" are keen on making things right.

    Enjoy That New 308!

    Happy SHootin To All!
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    IME quality of CS usually has to do with call volume, not industry or even individual. Now that they've sorted out all of the really serious and frequent QC problems call volume appears much lower and they're being much more considerate. In the beginning, by all accounts it was pretty rough there for a while. Trying to force me to ship my rifle in to replace a 2 dollar user serviceable part was not good customer service nor was it something that instilled confidence.

    Personally, I was massively disappointed with the fit and finish of the rifle as delivered. 700 bucks in parts and work and it's just at acceptable now. After another 700 to replace the barrel and nut and true the action up and it should be a pretty fine little shooter. Glad your experience was better.
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    Good stuff. Hope you get it out and it's a great shooter.

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