Mossberg 500........ATP ?

Discussion in 'Shotgun' started by blastaway, Aug 7, 2016.

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    I picked up a used Mossberg 500A. according to how the receiver is has wood furniture, 20''bbl and 7 shot tube. It also has bladed front sight and flip up rear sight w/ a white diamond. like a slug bbl would. Bbl reads ''20'' cylinder bore'' on it.

    It sounds like I have an ATP..fore runner to the 590, from what I can tell from Googling. Only thing throwing me off is the few pics I have seen of ATP's , the under side of the receiver where it says Mossberg 500 only has an ''A'' next to it, not ATP? ( But I have all the features of an ATP)

    It looks like this, but the tube is same length as bbl and the bbl ring is out by the end of the bbl. Also has a checkered fore end like in the picture , no checkering on the grip/stock. Actual pics of ATP show the fore end has ''rings'' on the grip. Might be a combo of both ? Any thoughts are appreciated. Whatever it is, I love this s/g....handles GREAT !!!

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