Looking for QR Flip Rear Peep

Discussion in '308/ 7.62 MVP and Variants' started by Steve Morin, Apr 10, 2017.

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    New 762 Scout, shot once and happy so far. I know this type info is probably out there but thing's change so fast and new data comes in. I took my rear Ghost off to mount my Vortex standard 2-7 on Med Leupold QR base/rings. (I like the low profile.)
    It was kind've a pain to get the ghost ring off. I've been looking to get a flip down rear which would fit under, (not a lot of room) or one I could at least mount quickly to the rail (QR) if I need it. This is mostly a versatile once in awhile deer hunting rifle for me as older age has reduced my ambition. Hopefully to not get spanked I'll throw this on the 762 thread to get most benefit. ;) Thanks for any input.

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