Long range match 8/21/2016 w/ Optics Show

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    This is our normal monthly match. 50 rounds, 2 miles of trail hiking, positional or prone (your choice but you have to stick with it) shooting, 200-900m shots, 1 shot per target, 1 minute max per shot, 8 stages, squad format. Targets are at least 2MOA. Wind reading skills make or break your scores. This course is immensely challenging to read winds precisely on. Great training.

    Classes: Open (any high power rifle chambering <3200fps), Tactical .223, Tactical .308.

    Prior to this match, during the registration period (7-8:00 am), we will have an informal optics show. We will have place here everyone can line up their scopes, binoculars, range finders, etc. People will have the opportunity to look through different scopes and optics.

    The match director will bring three scopes: a Vortex Viper, a Burris XTR II, and a Leopold VX-III.
    I'm bringing US Optics ST-10 10x37mm, US Opitcs ER-25 5-25x58, SWFA 16x42SS, Weaver T-24 and Bushnell ET1040 10x40mm.
    My coach will be bringing at least a Vortex Viper PST 4-16x and a target grade Nikon.
    Other stuff represented will be (based on normal attendance) Khales, IOR, Nightforce, Konus, Millet, Mueller, Bushnell DMR grade, Kowa and more.

    I’m sure there will be a lot of other brands and models to look through. We'll be able to look through these optics not just at 100m but at actual long range where their performance becomes visible and starts to matter.

    You don't have to shoot the match to take part in the optics show and it costs you only gas money to come out.

    Pics from the course:
    Stage 2.

    Stage 7

    Stage 3

    Stage 1

    Hardware on the line.

    My usual offer applies. Anyone on this forum that shows up and competes regardless of score gets a free BallisticXLR B-FEDS kit (https://ballisticxlr.com/baded-kits/) for 1 rifle/load custom made for you. If you beat my score I'll upgrade your kit to an aluminum BADEDS kit.

    If you plan to attend please PM me so we can make sure you have contact info and can get in the gate.
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    man I wish I was closer!!!!

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