It's snowing and I'm bored...

Discussion in 'General Firearms Discussion' started by boostless, Jan 20, 2016.

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    And I just realized I spelled your name wrong. I missed two ss. Sorry

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    See, now that's funny. Not only was my guess wrong for you but it was wrong for a different reason with chucker. The world used to be a place where the words folks used could tell you a lot more than just the meaning of the words. In the past 20 years it's become nothing but a jumble and the content of any particular statement no longer necessarily even includes its actual meaning much less the subtle and much more interesting hidden meanings. Ahhh. Ignore me. Just the laments of a word nerd.
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    Sorry, no can do. I'm with ya on this one. We as a People have almost completely lost our color of speech and are rapidly losing our ability to communicate effectively.
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    Rainy/dark season here (mid Dec through mid Feb)

    A good time for hunting ducks, winter steelhead, reading, maintenance, grinding venison, and inventories.....

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