In the market for a suppressor....

Discussion in 'Class 3 / NFA' started by Toetagger, Oct 8, 2015.

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    why get 2 cans when you can get 1 with 2 adapters. the MVP 5.56/223 is threaded in 1/2 by 28 UNF. the 7.26/.308, i am not overly shure on so i will not comment. but the idea or having a single can with 2 adapters would eliminate some of the cost and tax stamps needed. it is illegal for me to own a can here in Canada, which really sucks. but on the other hand, you can keep Beiber and we hope to send you Celin soon... i think that makes us even lol
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    Silencer Co Saker great can!!!!!!!!!!!

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