hornady 52 grain a-max ( graphic photo )

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    So one of my breeding rabbits made a jail break and I tried to catch her for a couple of days with no luck . Yesterday I saw her setting down the power line right of way and grabbed my mvp thunder ranch . One shot through the head fired standing unsupported . I measured the shot at 75 yds , not bad for these tired old eyes . I have to say my thunder ranch is a lazer with the 52 grain amax loaded to 3000 fps thats the sweet spot for me if you havent tried these bullets give them a chance they shoot good out of every 5.56 rifle I own with rifling twist of 1/7 , 1/9, and 1/12. oh yeah one more thing the rabbit was delicious marinated in sweet baby rays bbq sauce and cooked in a dutch oven.

    here is the damage .

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    Nice shooting.

    By chance you got dinner pics ? :D
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