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    Just purchased a MVP LR in .308 and am so far a little disappointed. Finally took it to the range after a quick laser bore siting and was pleasantly surprised that at 50 yards from a rest I was getting 1 hole groups within 1-1/2 inches of poa. Moved to 100 yards and it opened up quite a bit. Very inconsistent. After about 15 rounds trigger started hanging up. You would pull it back and it felt like it was going then hang and you would have to pull very hard to fire. Needless to say it made final scope adj. near impossible.

    I came home removed trigger adj. screw to dislodge any debris, and removed the scope and loctited the rail screws and then re-torqued the ring screws.

    Anyone with similar problems or solutions? Any suggestions? I think what bothers me the most is I have called Mossberg twice and left my number and they haven't returned either call in almost a week.
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    Welcome to the MVP site

    Someone had a similar issue and had tightened the adjustment screw all in then backed it out. Seemed to solve that one. Another contacted Mossberg through Facebook and had gotten better results.
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    Welcome! Barry Hedrick covered the other part.

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