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    I just finished "Hatcher's Notebook" and I'd like to find another book on firearms to read this winter. Any suggestions? I'll write a quick summary of 2 I suggest.

    "Unintended Consequences" by John Ross. Very accurate fiction novel that follows US politics and gun laws from WW1 to the mid 90's. It gets pretty wild as the main character takes on the ATF, but overall is a very entertaining and informative book. You'll be taking notes with this one.

    "Hatcher's Notebook" by Julian Hatcher. The author was an officer in the Ordinance department from pre WW1 through 1947ish. By the time he retired he was a Major general heading the department. The book is a compilation of all his notes. Some of the topics are antiquated (such as the up-and-coming non-corrosive ammo!) but topics such as headspace and experiments on bullet obstructions are fun to read. Some of the technical stuff was way over my head but a serious shooter/gunsmith would love it. As the owner of a remington M1903a3 I loved the history and testing of that rifle. Also before I read this book I would've never shot 380ACP through a unmodified 9mm but now I know I can! Very informative book.
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    The Art of Rifle by Jeff Cooper. Part technical, part tactical, part procedural and part philosophical. A required read.

    Yours Truly by Harvey Donaldson.
    If you are interested in the world of accurate riflery as it was in the time of Julian Hatcher and Townsend Whelean this beek reads like a personal visit with the man himself.

    Death in the long grass and Last horizons both by Peter Hathaway Capstick.
    I swear I felt every bug bite and could almost taste the dust when Capstick "took me with with him" hunting big small and dangerous game in Africa and South America in these books.

    Fast and Fancy Revolver Shooting By Ed McGivern. It is the seminal work on revolver shooting. Elmer Kieth was blessed to call Mcgivern friend and learned some things from him. McGigerns feats have never be matched by any single person not even Jerry Miculek. BTW Both are good guys.
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