FS: SWFA 16x42SS Mil/Mil scope with Burris Signature Series rings

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    I have 2 to choose from. One is (carefully) Krylon'd in desert sand (a good bit lighter than FDE), the other is factory anodized black. These area 16x fixed power optic with a 42mm objective. Mil-Quad reticle and Mil turrets. They mostly sat in the safe the last 2 years, very little shooting time. There will be a barricade or safe rub somewhere on which ever you choose. These are sufficient for shooting to about 1500m with just about anything that'll get there. Nearly 40mils of adjustment range, great turrets and good glass. You won't get much better glass till you step up in price to around 800 bucks.

    In the pic below they're the 2 on the left.

    Price is $230 shipped and it will come with your choice of desert sand or black Burris Signature Series rings (~$70 retail) with 0 and 10MOA inserts.

    Varmint hunters and anyone doing tactical style shooting will love these. 16x fixed is quite a lot of magnification but still surprisingly flexible.


    NOTE: If you have an especially crappy scope on your gun and will send it to me to be destroyed (along with pics of the scope resting on your feet to be posted here) I'll cut $50 bucks off the price.
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