Finally found one! Hello from the Bluegrass

Discussion in 'New Member Check In' started by R. L. Gumby, Mar 13, 2015.

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    It seemed like I've been looking forever, but I finally found a .308 MVP Patrol in FDE. I don't plan on any desert deployments, I just like the color when combined with black or OD components.

    I've been kinda hovering around the MVP forum since I decided to get one, and it's already come in handy. (I'll post more about that later in the proper forum!)

    About me; I'm originally a Wyoming boy who (for some unknown reason) joined the Coast Guard right out of high school. I was rated as a Gunner's Mate, and spent almost 15 years on active duty. While at my last assignment as a MLE (maritime law enforcement) instructor in California, I put myself through the police academy. After I graduated I took a reserve officer position with a town in Marin County, and eventually decided not to re-enlist and went full-time as a cop. I spent 13 years in Marin, and then took a position with the University of California as a resident police officer assigned to the Lick Observatory just outside of San Jose. The UC owned the 4000 acre mountain top, and besides my police duties I served as the facility's game warden and unofficial paramedic. After 7 years, budget cuts eliminated my position, so I decided to retire and get the hell out of California ASAP.

    I settled in central Kentucky 4 years ago, and it's been great! Nice people, beautiful country, low cost of living, bourbon, an active gun culture, and bourbon. Oh yeah, let's not forget about the bourbon.

    I've attached a pic of my new baby...can't wait for it to stop raining and dry up a little so I can put some rounds downrange. SAM_0481.JPG
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    Welcome! The M14 mag looks odd to me since I'm used to the SR25/LR308 ones.
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    Yah but they sure do fit nice. That and they allow for slightly longer bullets.

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