Falcon menace 4-14x44 vs primary arms 4-14x44

Discussion in 'Optics and Tactical Gear' started by dave-na7, May 20, 2016.

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    Hey all. Just wondering if anyone could shed some light as to whether these two scopes are identical in build or if there are any variances. I have a budget of about $350 to use for an optic on my Mvp varmint 5.56

    I originally purchased a millet trs-1 but I just didn't like that image quality and I also decided I wanted an ffp optic so I sent ther millet back

    Thanks all

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    I know nothing on the Falcon. Primary Arms has gotten some very good reviews for the quality, considering their price point. About the same level of quality as a Nikon, Weaver, and Vortex. Certainly not top of the line but you shouldn't have buyer's remorse for getting it either. They do tend to offer some neat features, especially in their reticules but it also depends on your preference and what you want to do with it. Many competition shooters tend to prefer plane and simple or MIL/MOA dot reticules over BDC and and other types.

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