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Discussion in 'Build It Yourself' started by sharky47, Jan 6, 2013.

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    Guess I am a glutton for punishment, bought an 80% upper on Sturm the other day. Have a matching #s kit that I bought years ago, as well as random FAL parts I have been collecting.

    So the plan is to use the various receiver stubs and incomplete drawings on the internet to finish out the receiver. I am going to use an izzy HG as that is my favorite style, Tapco "SAW" grip, and I just pulled an M249 tubular buttstock out of the foil wrapper, just have to make a mounting block - will be fixed.

    I have a couple bbls to choose from, but I have a personal hatred for gun designs that use a threaded barrel that requires timing. I just ordered a "gunsmith special" .30 1-10 17" blank from Green Mountain. Since the receiver does not have bbl threads yet, and I am using a blank - I can choose my own thread pattern. I will basically be using the Savage/MVP type interface by threading the barrel tennon long and using a jam nut. This way I can turn the profile, cut the chamber with the appropriate amount of cartridge stick-out, screw the barrel in until it headspaces on whatever locking shoulder I have and make a mark at TDC. Then I can remove it, drill the gas port and cut the relief for the extractor and put it all back together with no timing drama.

    I will leave the blank as long as possible, GM says they are 17.25" so I should be able to get somewhere around 17". One way or another, it will have 5/8 X 24 threads so none of that reverse thread nonsense.

    Will post pics as parts start showing up......
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    Nice work. been a fan of the FAL for many years. Carried one for a few as well, ok wasnt exactly a FAL, but an inch pattern L1A1 SLR. Your plan for fitting the barrel is sound, and will elivate issues with looking for the correct size washer to give you correct timing.


    Aussie D
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    Awesome idea !

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