ever have one of those days ?

Discussion in 'Handgun' started by jwb47, Jun 21, 2016.

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    I had a uspsa shooting match saturday and started off great. run the qualifier better than I expected the first 2 stages I certainly wasnt burning it up but was making up for speed with a zone hits . Get to stage 3 and it was steel every where and I was in heaven and for what ever reason I blew it . there were 20 different steel targets everything from peper poppers to fallng plates and I was missing everything to the left . 90 seconds later I had a pile of 6 magazines at my feet and one left in my pistol with 2 rounds left lol . the RSO said he wanted to get a picture of the mags laying on the ground at my feet but was afraid he would offend me . I told him it was the most fun I ever had sucking at what I was doing . we all had a good laugh and everybody said I had mag changes down pat but should work on putting rounds on target . I finished the day in the middle of the pack but had a good time . the wife works 12 hours saturday so it will be practice , practice , practice .
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    I would probably have done the same thing. Glad you had fun!

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