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Discussion in 'New Member Check In' started by BEEF SUPREME, Dec 21, 2016.

  1. BEEF SUPREME New Member

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    Hello fellow MVPers

    I'm another MVP fan currently from Louisiana. I was born in southern Indiana but the Air Force and job chasing as a civilian has taken me to MO, KS, and now Cajun-land.

    I love the MVP, particularly the 7.62 variant and I see the MVP as a modern-day bolt battle rifle. Right now I own a 7.62 predator set up as a hunting rifle and I just picked up a 7.62 flex. I plan to throw a reflex sight on the Flex and make it a sweet little truck gun. Maybe I'll hunt some hogs with it.

    In the near future I'd like to get a patrol, put a ghost ring sight on it, and strip off the finish for the wood stock look. I don't know who already did it on this forum but I saw it, it is awesome, and I have to rip it off!

    I'm glad to be on here and I will be looking for any metal replacement parts for these bargain battle rifles!

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  2. Keith Moderator

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    Dec 7, 2014
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    Welcome! I like my Patrols, though I REALLY need to put a flash suppressor on the 5.56. Even during the day the muzzle flash is quite impressive. I love the compact design on both and the fact that they run with the same ammo and magazines as my ARs.
  3. wood chucker Moderator

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    Hi there BS and welcome to the boards !

    I'm with ya, the Patrol is my favorite too. So dang handy.
    You said ghost ring :D ...Williams WGRS for the Remington 700 drops right on. If you don't want to drill and tap for a front sight ramp, Brownells or Numrich will have a barrel band front sight.
  4. spamassassin Well-Known Member

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    The patrol is very much like a magazine fed remington model 7. Small, light and handy. With the right barrel taper and the right LER optic and BUIS' you could even make weight for a Cooper compliant real Scout rifle. Of course to me, that kind of rifle just kicks too damned hard. Cooper was such a stud, he almost got off on things that kick hard.
  5. boostless Active Member

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    Welcome. My patrol is my hunting rifle for now, just got all of my 6.8 SPC stuff in.

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