California State Smallbore Metallic Silhouette Championships 6/4-5

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    I'm doing the California smallbore metallic silhouette championships this weekend. Ughhh. So not ready. New range, far away, 2 days of match shooting, ground camping. All of the things I hate doing around a match. I'm pretty certain I won't even place this time. All of the best shooters from 3 states are coming and after my last promotion I'm now in the most populous class so I don't think I stand a chance at placing.

    The victory this time will be maintaining a 50% hit average over both days. If I can do that I'll be well positioned in my head to move up another class at the next local match and be able to reduce the number of competitors I have to shoot against (the next class up has fewer inhabitants and also has many of the least consistent shooters in it which helps me).

    At a recent local high power silhouette match a new guy showed up. Just moved to the area and never shot silhouette before but saw us doing it and came out for the next match. His gun wasn't even proper or properly set up for the game. He won the damned match by score but because his rifle was an AR his score was DQ'd officially. We still announced him as the unofficial high score and everyone applauded nonetheless. He shot a master class score his first time out.

    The rest of you guys reading this, get to a local match.

    Anyway, if you want to attend a rimfire silhouette match, drop by. It's in San Luis Obispo this year. It's 2 days of 2 40 shot matches. If you don't have a gun but want to compete we can almost surely find you a loaner, just ping me so I make sure to bring enough match grade .22LR ammo.

    Just because it's a championship doesn't mean you can't have it as your first match. That's how I got into the game. There's a raffle which usually has some very expensive and cool stuff in it. It's 100 bucks for both days or 50 bucks for one day. heavy gun is Saturday, hunter gun is Sunday.

    Here's a link to the official flyer for it.

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