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    Plain and simple pr0n.
    Weight Cal Manufacturer Model G1-BC
    70gn .223 Berger VLD .374
    75gn .223 Hornady HPBT .395
    75gn .223 Hornady ELD-M .467
    130gn .284 Sierra Match King .395
    168gn .284 Berger VLD .617
    162gn .284 Hornady ELD-M .670
    180gn .284 Berger VLD Hunting .673
    165gn .308 Hornady SST .447
    168gn .308 Speer Gold Match (discontinued) .440


    As can be seen the new ELD-M appear to be heavily using secant ogives of the more traditional VLD form factor as well as longish boat tails common to G7 conformant projectiles. In .223 that nets a long 75gn. They offer a 73gn as well that IIRC fits mag length. Not a concern for me since I don't run mag length ammo most of the time. The 180gn 7mm is distinctive in that it's a hybrid of tangent and secant ogives. The meplat isn't so abrupt as a true secant. I've found that to be very forgiving of seating depth differences. They also seem to be able to be pushed really hard before pressures get too high. Near as I can tell the bearing surface on the 180's is actually the same size as on the 168's which may be why they're so tolerant of being loaded spicy.
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