AR-15 Pics Thread

Discussion in 'The Black Rifle' started by MechTech, Mar 29, 2012.

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    I Finally got mine built (right before the shoulder surgery).


    ATI Upper:
    - 9" Troy Alpha Hand Guard
    - 16" Mil spec 4150 chrome-moly vanadium steel barrel
    - 1:7 twist.
    - 5.56x45mm NATO Chamber
    - Melonite coated barrel
    - T-marked Forged M4 upper with extended M4 feed ramps
    - M16 bolt carrier
    - Standard mil spec fire control group with small pins
    - No brand mil spec stock

    Anderson 7075 lower with Magpul extended trigger guard.

    So far, dry firing, the trigger isn't bad and the pull is about 5 pounds on average with a trigger pull scale. I'll probably get a better ALG or Troy trigger later since this is intended to be a general purpose rifle. And it will get a 1-?X24 scope to match. As well as some 45 degree offset BUS mounts so the scope doesn't have to have a QD mount. Depending on what I find, I may be able to repurpose the M-308 mount off my 7.62 MVP since it does need a QD scope mount.
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    It's not black, but you get the idea. ;)

    Mixed bag of parts.
    Mega lower
    PSA upper
    Matrix Arms Victor rail
    Daniel Defense 18" fluted barrel
    Ace stock
    Magpul grip
    Ground Zero Precision bcg
    drop-in trigger, can't recall brand off the top of my head, but breaks real nice at 3.5 pounds.
    Primary Arms 1-6x scope with AR Stoner mount.


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    One black/featureless per California, the other waiting for actual ruling on compliance laws.

    Both have 16" barrels with 1 in 9 twist, one aimpont PRO, the other Vortex 3x prism. Other differences are pretty minor[IMG][IMG]

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