6/18/2016 Long Range Match - Avenal, CA - Join Us!

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    Targets from 200-900m. 1 minute per target. 6-7 targets per station. 50 shots total.

    This match is a beast but it's fun as hell. The hike is very strenuous and temperatures will be around 100F. Winds are challenging but not impossible. We'll have 2 shade stations with iced fluids (station 5 and 7). Dress like a Bedouin.

    Full description and rules at: http://avenalgunclub.com/wp-content/uploads/Long-Range-Match-Program-1.pdf

    If you're planning to attend please let me know so we can meet up and I can give you some tips for the course. If you can, please help us install the shade stations and set up targets the day before the match. There are no trophies or awards. This is for bragging rights and personal skill building. The group is a very supportive and helpful bunch of folks. Ladies are encouraged to come and break up the sausage fest.

    To see the course and some highlights of one of my past performances there:

    Match fee is $20.00
    Match registration 7:00 am.
    Match starts at 8:00 am.
    Match ends 3-5:00 pm.
    Range located in Avenal, Ca.
    Anyone from this board that shows up and beats my score will get a free B-FEDS kit from me customized for any 1 rifle and load combo you have. A $45 value. For details: https://ballisticxlr.com/baded-kits/ (halfway down the page). You pay flat shipping of $14 for UPS ground.
    Station 2. Targets are the white spots on the opposite hill. My coach on the rooftop barricade, me on the right, one of the toughest men I've ever met on the left.

    Come out and show your stuff!

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