5.56 MVP Varmint Accuracy

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    .223 load: 23grains Benchmark (NOTE: this is slightly over book max but showed zero pressure signs, could go to 23.5gn easily), Berger 70gn VLD, CCI SRP, new Prvi brass, seat to SAAMI max COAL. 2917fps avg from 24" bbl.

    The rest of this is repost from a reply in another topic. I thought it could use its own thread. There's always someone going to be asking what kind of accuracy you "can" get from a factory barrel. Well, here it is on a pretty worn out barrel. These were obtained during a weekend of full on torture testing my rifle. 110+ air temps, barricades that were too hot to touch to bare skin, ground that burned you through not just your clothes but a shooting mat too, alkali dirt as fine as talcum powder coating every surface and getting into everything and then add rapid firing at the same time. I really thought the ol' girl was dun had but she's shown promise with the Berger 70's which it had staunchly refused to shoot into even just 1MOA prior it's putting down sub .5-MOA groups. The .086MOA group was one of those jumping up and down moments even if it was a fluke. So, on to some groups. All are at 300m (~330yrds)

    Groups: Top left is 5 shot group, Top center is 3 shots. Bottom left is 3 shots. Top are about .3-.4MOA

    I was shooting my .223 MVP which and my 7br and a 7mag and a .308. The .308 was disabled within a few shots by an extractor failure. Groups with all my rifes were mostly under an inch at 200m and around 1-1.5 inches at 300m. Velocities with my latest .223 load were tight enough with only 13fps SD across 20 rounds as the highest level of inconsistency and that was on some pretty hastily loaded .223's. I'd thought I'd run out of my 75gn Hornady HPBT's but it turned out I'd simply misplaced them. I ended up loading up the rest of my Berger 70gn VLD's at mag length with 23 grains of Benchmark (NOTE OVER BOOK MAX LOAD) and got 2917fps as an average. No pressure signs at all and nice round primers.

    Here's my Black Hole Weaponry barreled 7mm Rem Mag with 77 grains of US869 under a 168 Berger VLD doing 2950 (top right shot not in group). .5MOA roughly. I think I'm going to push these up toward 80grains charge weight and try to get closer to 3100fps. We'll see how far pressures let me go. NOTE 77 is book max.

    One of my smallest groups ever from any rifle and I'm pretty sure it's my smallest group as far as angular size ever. This is 3 shots of .223 at 300m. From the shiny spots it looks like center to center is about .3". I'm calling it a fluke because .086MOA is exactly that. A fluke.

    And some gun porn.
    The middle 3 were present, and some other things.
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