5.56/223 Ammo Test on MVP 5.56 Varmint

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    Here is the result of ammo tests with the MVP 5.56/223 Varmint. I am not a superior shot, maybe average. With that in mind, I used a Caldwell sled for these tests. I welcome your comments for the good of the forum.
    Here are the results.

    10/29/2014, Wed - Tested various 5.56 and 223 ammo. "TARGET" is the location of POA on the target. Ammo GroupTarget are the three columns, which are condensed by the upload.

    100 yds 5.56 Lower right target.
    Ammo Group Target
    ZQ1 –-------------[1.7 ] Center
    XM855 –---------[1.7 ] Lower R
    AEXM193 –-----[1.2 ] lower L
    Win Wht Box –-[2.5 ] Upper L Could be 1” with 2 fliers
    PMC X-TAC ----[1.0 ] Upper R
    Target Photos
    Wednesday, October 29,Ammo Test LR-target-1
    Wednesday, October 29,Ammo Test LR-target-2

    100 yds 223 Upper Left target.
    Ammo Group Target
    Monarch Steel –--------[2.0] Center
    Norinco – –--------------[1.5] Lower R
    Monarch Brass –-------[1.5] Lower L
    AE223J – –--------------[2.0] Upper L
    PMC Wht Box –--------[1.5] Upper R
    AE Tip Varmint 50gr --[ ] Lost target,don’t think much difference w/50gr
    Tulammo Steel ---------[ ] Lost target

    Started sighting through scope using Halo in center of sight. Zero was good.
    Changed sighting to full view through scope. POI moved 4” to the right. Adjusted POA 4” left. Resulted with zero at 100 yards with 223.
    It was a good day with ammo, scope, and rifle performing flawlessly. I am impressed with the cheap Barska scope’s performance. Used 16X power. I see no need to replace this scope. I should repeat this test at a later date to verify the results were accurate.
    *Repeat this with Remington 700 BDL 223 next trip to range.*

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