300 Whisper AR

Discussion in 'The Black Rifle' started by sharky47, Nov 20, 2012.

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    This is a (re)build I did last year.

    So I finally setup my 300W the way I want it, only thing I'll probably do to change it will be to SBR it back to about 12". Sold the old barrel and some other parts and bought mostly used parts to keep the cost down.

    Runs like a champ, got a load figured out with a moly coated Hornady 225 match over 8.5 grains of H110. Cycles, locks the bolt back, 930 or so FPS, stabilized and had really good groups for subs.

    Rifle specs are:

    TP555 1-8 barrel, Shilen blank

    TP555 three position gasblock

    Rock River A3 upper

    Daniel Defense bolt group

    VLTOR CASV-M front end

    VLTOR VC301 flash hider (fancy thread protector)

    Magpul AFG, MOE handgrip, enhanced trigger guard, ASAP rear sling mount, CTR stock

    Burris PEPR scope mount

    Millet DMS-1 1-4x scope

    KNS non-rotational trigger pins in FDE, KNS "SWAT" sling, KNS upper/lower pins

    Jard 3-lb single stage non-adjustable trigger (LOVE this trigger!!!)

    Shot it suppressed today with my buddies CAC-9 via one of my one-off adapters I made for him. Sounded quite nice! Can't wait to get a .30 can of my own.....

    I can't wait to start playing around with the supersonic stuff now that I have the proper gas block for that. 300Whisperrebuild 004.jpg 300Whisperrebuild 005.jpg 300Whisperrebuild 006.jpg 300Whisperrebuild 007.jpg 300Whisperrebuild 008.jpg 300Whisperrebuild 009.jpg 300Whisperrebuild 010.jpg 300Whisperrebuild 011.jpg
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    Nice set up. How much difference if any in the chamber size of the 300 Whisper vs 300 BLK?
  3. sharky47 Active Member

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    The chamber itself seems to be identical - although if I understand it correctly, the freebore is longer on the BLK. I know that BLK chambers are completely compatible with everthing, but *some* BLK ammo could cause problems with Whisper chambers.

    I will be chasing this chamber with my BLK reamer to convert it and make my entire .300WTF collection all the same/compatible.
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    How about an accuracy update? Would love to see some targets.

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