3-6 200m Silhouette Match Results

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    I won my class and my coach won the iron sight class. Weather was mostly cloudy and cool with minimal wind. All in all a great day to go shooting. On the downside, they're closing down this range so I won't be shooting there much longer. I might have had a better aggregate score if I'd taken more time to get ready with my main gun but I was also shooting in the featured gun class with an M1 Garand and had to put some trigger time in on that platform too.

    Media time:

    Rams looking a little haggard. And one was busted so we had to replace it with a turkey. [IMG]

    How to keep track of what relay you're on, make it simple.

    Getting ready to start on pigs

    Garand time[IMG]


    My coach popping off his .45-70 in slow motion. It's a rare cleaning rod bayonet model trapdoor springfield. He ended up breaking 2 of the pigs with that rifle in the last relay.

    Me shooting the .45-70 in slow motion

    A view down range of a whole relay from beginning to end, from setting the targets to the last shot.
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    Well done!

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